Success in any competitive examination is a humongous task. It eludes us all the time. You may feel that it is impossible. However, it is not so. If you want to crack APPSCTSPSCUPSC and other government competitive exams, remember the following quotation.

Impossible is a word to be found only in the dictionary of fools. – Napoleon Bonaparte

To make an impossible to possible, Strategy is the most important factor. The strategy is important for your success not only in career but also in life. A strategy is nothing but a plan of action designed to achieve a specific goal. Here our goal is to get a government job.

No matter who you are, No matter what your academic scores are, you can clear the government exams. Even the humblest of the humble can aspire to become the government servant. Once you achieve it, don’t forget to serve the country. Don’t try to serve yourself. But how to crack the government exams?

There is NO Get-Government-Job-Quick scheme. It is time consuming and laborious task. At the same time, it is challenging. Don’t believe in what others say about you. Believe in yourself and God. Miracle happens. Then what is the way?

The way is certainly, not the the coaching. Of course, there is no harm to join the coaching to learn basics of subjects. However, complete dependence on coaching does more harm than benefit. Coaching involves minute details of what you do regularly whereas guidance is broader framework to achieve something. This is exactly what we do. We guide you, not coach, to get a government job.

Our “Two Pronged Strategy” viz. General Strategy and Specific Exam Strategy paves the way for your success to secure a government job. Competitive exams are getting tougher and tougher year by year. It’s just demand and supply rule. When jobs are less, competition is more. The exam has to be tough to select more eligible candidates.

General Strategy

General Strategy, as the name implies, is a very general in nature. It is all about making you ready physically, mentally and psychologically for the great task ahead. It comes at a cost. The cost, here, is nothing but your dedication, discipline, consistency, hard work, smart work, perseverance, attitude, aptitude, etc. If you are willing to inculcate these attributes, your chances to succeed are more.

General Strategy, in a nutshell, includes Awareness of the exam and recruitment process, syllabus and schema, books and resources, planning, timelines, leisure, what to read, what not to read, when to read, how to read, what not to do etc. You may wonder whether dedicating years of preparation for one examination worth it. If you are preparing for the only examination, then it’s not worth it. But if you can accept failures, wisdom that you can gain, different experiences of life, then it’s worth it.

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Specific Exam Strategy

Once your general strategy blue print is ready, it’s time to go for specific exam/job strategy. We devised the strategy for the following examinations for you. Go ahead and click them.

Crack APPSC Exams

Group-I Services

Group-II Services

Group-III Services (Panchayat Secretary Grade-IV)

Group-IV Services

AEE (Assistant Executive Engineers)

Crack TSPSC Exams

Group-I Services

Group-II Services

Group-III Services

Group-IV Services

VRO (Village Revenue Officer)

Crack UPSC Exams

Civil Services

IFoS (Indian Forest Service Examination)