Andhra Pradesh Grama/Ward Sachivalayam Recruitment – Success Strategy

To crack Andhra Pradesh Grama/Ward Sachivalayam Recruitment (Village and Ward Secretariats System) without coaching, your aspiration should be to crack the UPSC IAS exam. The first recruitment to the Sachivalayams Exams is considered the best in terms of the quality of question papers. These are of UPSC Civils Services standards. Top 100 ranks are achieved by those who have prepared for the UPSC IAS exam. The following success strategy is tailormade specifically for you.


How to Clear the Examination in the Short Period? 

  • Continue your preparation without waiting for the notification. There is only a very short time between the notification and examination. If you start preparation after notification is released, you may not finish even the basic concepts.
  • Your priority before the notification is to complete the syllabus as per APPSC Group I and UPSC Civil Services. Once notification is released, your focus should be on Revision based on the Grama-Ward Sachivalayam Recruitment syllabus.
  • Complete static subjects first – Indian Polity, History and Culture, Geography and Environment, and Aptitude and Reasoning.
  • Then start dynamic subjects – Economic Surveys of Andhra Pradesh and India, Budget of Andhra Pradesh and India and Current Affairs, etc. Read latest year surveys.

Preparation Strategy

Grama-Ward Sachivalayam Recruitments

Grama-Ward Sachivalayam Recruitment 2020 – The Second Recruitment

Grama-Ward Sachivalayam Recruitment 2019 – The First Such Recruitment

15004 Village and Ward Secretariats have been established across the State. A Village Secretariat was established for every 2000 population and a Ward Secretariat for every 4000 population. the government has so far selected and positioned 110520 functionaries in Village andWard Secretariats. Each Village/Ward Secretariatwas provided with 11/10 Departmental functionaries.

Grama-Ward Sachivalayam Recruitment 2019

A Brief Background

The government of Andhra Pradesh with an aim to provide a robust delivery system has introduced the Village/Ward Secretariat system on 2nd October 2019 for strengthening service delivery at the grassroots level and
ensuring transparent, accountable, and corruption-free services to citizens. The Village/Ward Secretary System is the first of its kind in the decentralized grassroots governance in the country.

To realize the goal of ‘Local Self Governance’ propounded by our ‘Jathi Pitha’ Mahatma Gandhi, the government of Andhra Pradesh has made specific plans to decentralize the governance bringing administration to the doorsteps of the household – both at the Village as well as at the ward level through Village and Ward Secretariats System.

The government has identified the need to strengthen governance at the grassroots through effective decentralization of funds, functions, and functionaries. Accordingly, the government has rolled out “Village Secretariat, Village Volunteer, Ward Secretariat and Ward Volunteer System”.