APPSC Group-I 2019 Main(s) Examination – Strategy and Answer Writing

Since APPSC Group-I 2019 Prelims/Screening test was successfully completed, it’s time to prepare for Main(s) Examination. If you have done well in the exam, probably you are enjoying. Check official initial answer keys released by APPSC if you did not check already. Probably, you have been waiting for results. But don’t waste too much time waiting for results. Consider you are already qualified for Main examination and start preparation. Even if you don’t qualify this time, preparation will not go in vain. It will help you surely for the next time.

Objective type examinations are different from descriptive type examinations. The following guidelines help you to success in Mains. “You should know something about everything” – This is the basic principle that you should follow. For each topic in the syllabus, you should know very basics of the topic. In-depth analysis is not required. Don’t try to do research on a specific topic or on a specific subject. Probably, you may like one area/subject, but don’t drag it too much. Your purpose is to fetch overall marks.

Study Plan

You have about 3 months of time. You have 4 papers that require extensive studies Paper-II, Paper-III, Paper-I and  Paper-V. You have one 1 paper on Essay purely based on your writing skills. Two qualifying papers of English and Telugu demand you some practice.

  • June 2019 : Paper-II and Paper-III (Practice English)
  • July 2019 : Paper-IV and Paper-V (Practice Telugu)
  • August 2019 : Current Affairs, Practice all 5 compulsory papers
  • September 2019: Revision

How to Write Answers?

This preparation should also be in line with answer writing format. Each answer, in general, comprises three parts viz. Introduction, Body and Conclusion.

Introduction – Basics/Fundamental/Background of the topic suits here. One paragraph is sufficient.

Body – It comprises description, advantages/significance/benefits, disadvantages/criticism etc. Depending on the content, you can split the body of the answer into different paragraphs. You can write at least three paragraphs – On the brief description of the topic, advantages/significance/benefits and disadvantages/criticism.

Conclusion – After highlighting both positives and negatives for each answer, forward-looking conclusion fetches you more marks. If the question is on any socio-economic problems of the country/state, then provide a few solutions/remedies. These solutions should not be your own thoughts unless they are excellent. Quote solutions from any government report, socio-economic survey, newspapers editorials etc. One paragraph is sufficient.

Practice Makes Man (Human) Perfect

If you are unable to reproduce the content in the exam, then your entire preparation will become a waste of energy, resources and time. Hence answer writing plays a crucial part in your preparation. 2013 UPSC Civil Services Topper said that one should practice more answers even at the cost of studies. Write at least one previous year question paper per week from 2016 group-I mains. Then get it evaluated by your teacher, faculty or even by self. During the 3 hours of the practice, feel you are really in an examination hall. Switch off mobiles/computer etc.

Your writing, obviously, will be slow at the start. You may not even be completing half the paper. But don’t worry. Practice at least one question per day. Target it to complete in 30 minutes on the first day. Then gradually reduce it to 10 minutes in 15 to 30 days of time.

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