NCERT Books (Subject Wise)

NCERT books are the base for any examination. The language is simple, lucid, and self-explanatory. Books of Classes VI to XII are helpful. All books are not required to study. The books are categorized based on the subjects. You can choose what to study based on your command on each subject. The following NCERT books are sufficient for the subjects mentioned for your foundation. You can download all these books from the Official NCERT Website for free.

The following books are the most valuable to read from NCERT. If you don’t have time (Ex: If you are a working professional), then complete reading of these books instead of all NCERT books. Then go for reading standard books.

General Science

  • Class VI to X

Economy and Development

  • Class XI – Indian Economic Development
  • Class XII – Introductory Macroeconomics
  • Class XII – Introductory Microeconomics (If you don’t have time, then read the summary of all chapters from this book)

Geography and Environment

  • Class XI – Fundamentals of Physical Geography
  • Class XI – India Physical Environment
  • Class XII – Fundamentals of Human Geography
  • Class XII – India – People and Economy
  • Class XII – Biology (Last 4 chapters – Useful for Environment)

History and Culture

  • Class VI – History-Our Past I (Ancient India)
  • Class VII – History-Our Past II (Medieval India)
  • Class VIII – History-Our Past III (Part I and Part II) (Modern India)
  • Class XI – An Introduction to Indian Art (This is useful for Indian Culture)




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