What To Do

There are certain things that should be done to achieve success in any government competitive examination. A few such things are notified here.

What are the good study tips?

  1. Both hard work and smart work matter.
  2. Choose your full concentration time. It maybe early morning for some folks or evening.
  3. Switch off TV, LAPTOP and MOBILE when you are studying. These are called Idiot boxes.
  4. Meditate for 20 minutes. It increases concentration, reduces tensions and builds up confidence.
  5. Make short notes. Keep only important phrases.
  6. Revise all topics every Sunday, then once in a month.
  7. Self quiz also helps you to test your knowledge and learning.
  8. Consistent study time. Study daily for fixed time. It may be 1 hour or 6 hours. Consistency that matters more than the length of time.